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Saints and Sinners

In my first book, Darcy & Fitzwilliam (a continuation of Pride and Prejudice) the romance of Pride and Prejudice continues with the marriage of Lizzy and Darcy, showing the couple newlywed and starry eyed – when into the mix rides Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam, Darcy’s cousin and closest friend. Where Darcy is aloof, proud and elegant, Fitzwilliam is gregarious, charming and a rascal. ‘Darcy and Fitzwilliam’ is unique in that it is also a ‘bromance,’ a story about two men who had grown up together – bonding like brothers, fighting like rivals.  

Darcy and Fitzwilliam then spawned a series of books, a Family Saga really, beginning with Sons & Daughters the story of the two young families, the Darcy’s and the Fitzwilliam’s, and their increasing numbers of children, the terrors of parenthood, the vitality of young couples loving each other and arguing just as fiercely, and little children discovering the wonder of the world.

After Sons and Daughters came my third book, Wives and Lovers. In Wives and Lovers the Darcy and Fitzwilliam children are adults venturing out into the world, falling in love, experiencing heartbreaks and joys. Life happens with or without our permission, good and bad, and families go on.

And now Saints & Sinners.

Saints and Sinners begins with the death of Prince Albert at 42 years of age, an event that stunned an already reeling nation. Prince Albert had taken over many of Queen Victoria’s duties as their large family grew and his passing came at a dangerous time. Tensions were exploding with America and another war threatened.

It is into this time frame the families return as Colonel Fitzwilliam’s volatile, passionate son, Matthew, confronts the woman he loved and lost years before to his rival… while his twin brother, Mark, the steadier of the two, decides to give up waiting for true love to find him, and will settle in marriage with an old friend. As always nothing turns out as planned with the loves, laughs, tears and surprises of life pushing and pulling the families in directions they never saw coming.

Karen Wasylowski author page: author.to/KarenWasylowski

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