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After a fun-filled evening with friends old and new, I stumbled on a 21st century carriage from the visitor center to the conference hotel with these lovely ladies. (The costumes have improved by leaps and bounds over the years and many seem so authentic, accessories and all!)

In the lobby I espied Deb Barnum (r) and author Hazel Jones (l) in close conversation.

Rachel Jones-Deb Barnum

Then talked extensively with Margaret Sullivan, a favorite blog editrix and author. (Photo to come soon, Tony!)

Regina Roberts-Lynn

These two lovely ladies from California (Regina Roberts and her mum, Lynn) allowed me to join them as I awaited the plenary session. Lynn and I gabbed like two lost friends, as we are both involved with adult literacy, libraries, and Jane Austen!!

L to R: Lynn, Vic (Day 2), Sandra Mettler, Vic, Diana Birchall, and Victoria Henshaw (Night 1)

Just before the plenary session, I saw “Chocolate Girl” walk beside me and just had to take her pix. I included a photo of Jean-Etienne Liotard’s painting (courtesy of Wikimedia Commons) just in case you have never seen it

I then saw the flag of Maryland, my new home state, and took this grand photo of JASNA MD society members (along with Lynn from California).

Maryland JASNA Chapter

Aren’t they lovely? A close up reveals what chapter member, Joyce Loney is holding – a Jane Austen action doll! I used to have three, but two broke apart at the waist and JA without legs is a gruesome thing to see.Joyce Loney

Stay tuned, all, and revisit this post (and Day 1’s, which is regularly updated). The day is young yet, and I might see more friends and meet soon-to-be friends.


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