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Loyal Readers:

How good are you at solving historical puzzles? Mr. Forrest sent me this query and I told him I would write a post about this interesting riddle that he would like to solve. This is what he wrote (Thank you all in advance for helping!):

My uncle has a portrait (attached) which has been passed down the family line. We think it is one of three portraits referred to in a will – the options being

  1. Charles Macintosh (a Scottish inventor of the Macintosh coat)
  2. Dr John Forrest (a Physician who served much of his time in the army) (more details on my website here: http://rootsunearthed.com/index.php5?title=John_FORREST_(1804-1865) ), or
  3. John Graham Rodger (a merchant who later became a magistrate i.e. Justice of the Peace)

I have found on the internet other portraits of Charles Macintosh and am sure the portrait is not of him. This leaves the possibility of either the Physician or a Magistrate.

I wonder if your experience of the 19th century and clothing could identify anything that may point to Physician or Magistrate?

Or possibly you know someone else who could assist?

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